Staying safe on the Dark Web Part 1 – Tails OS

What is the Deep Web?

The deep web, often referred to as ‘the hidden part of the internet’ or ‘invisible web’, is a vast collection of websites and networks that are not indexed by standard search engines. This includes online forums, private databases and encrypted content accessed through secure protocols such as Tor (The Onion Router). It is estimated that the deep web makes up over 95% of all content on the internet.

Diagram of the Deep Web and Dark Web

It’s important to note that there is a distinction between the Deep Web and the Dark Web. Dark Web is just the part of the Deep Web, where illegal activity takes place, it is not a separate network.

What Is Tor?

Tor stands for “The Onion Router.” It was originally developed by US Naval Research Laboratory in 2002 with funding from various government agencies. The goal was to create an anonymous communication system which would allow users around the world access to services while keeping their identities safe from snooping governments or corporations. Since then, the project has transformed into a browser that tries to protect it’s users’ privacy. When someone uses Tor they become virtually untraceable because all communications are routed randomly across multiple servers located throughout different countries before reaching their destination address – hence why it’s called ‘onion routing’, it’s encryption has layers just like an onion!

What Can You Find On The Dark Web?

Content found on dark web sites can range anywhere from drug-related activities, illegal pornography websites, extremist political movements and hacking groups; To legitimate businesses selling products or services anonymously; Auctions running completely outside traditional payment systems like PayPal; Or even private blogs talking about topics considered too controversial for mainstream platforms like Facebook or Twitter!

The Hidden Wiki

One way people can explore this part of cyberspace safely is through our website. We provide links to many Deep and Dark web websites – but only after verifying the website’s quality and credibility, so you won’t become victim of a scam. This is much safer than trusting links from random search engines, where you can never be sure whether a website is legit or not. Providing legitimate and verified .onion links is what The Hidden Wiki was originaly made for and still is.

Going deeper into the Dark Web with Tails OS

If you want to not only look at a few websites, but to actively search the dark web, we recommend using not only Tor Browser, but also other tools to increase your anonymity. If you think you can manage to navigate a Linux system (trust me, everybody can), then the The Tails operating system might be just what you need. Tails is a special type of secure Linux-based operating system designed to protect user privacy and keep them safe from prying eyes. It operates on regular computers and can also be used with a USB drive or DVD (not recommended due to DVD’s slow speed), allowing users to run the system in complete isolation from the hard drives present in the computer, making sure that you leave no trace.

Tails was created for people who want the highest level of security when browsing online – particularly those in vulnerable situations such as journalists reporting on sensitive topics or activists working against oppressive regimes. Tails makes sure, that absolutely no Internet connection comes out of your computer without going through Tor.

The great thing about Tails is that it works out-of-the box so there’s no need for complicated installation processes nor configuration settings– simply download the compatible ISO file onto your device and boot up right away! The preinstalled software includes not only necessary privacy – oriented tools, but also stuff like LibreOffice and Gimp.

Desktop of the Tails OS

The difficult thing about this system is that it doesn’t store any user data by default. When you turn off the computer, all changes made to the system are deleted. To store user data, you need to set-up an utility called Persistent storage, which can keep your GPG keys, Bitcoin wallets, necessary files etc. It might take some time to get used to it, but it not very hard to learn.

To install the Tails OS, head to Tails website, download the instalation files, get an empty USB drive and follow any online tutorial on creating a bootable USB.