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What is Hidden Wiki?

Hidden Wiki has been the go-to place for Dark Web links since the year 2007. Our Hidden Wiki helps you stay safe by only listing verified links that are safe to visit. If you want to add a link or advertise with us, contact us here (preferred) or at

  • To access the listed websites, you need to download the Tor Browser
  • After opening in the Tor Browser, bookmark the page
  • After that you can freely explore our .onion links


  • ProtonMail – Popular privacy respecting provider based in Switzerland [verified]
  • DNMX – Free and reliable email service [verified]
  • OnionMail – Modern and free email, also offers an Android app [verified]
  • – Mail with cocks (whatever that means), currently requires invitation code for registration. [verified]
  • Mail2Tor – Free anonymous email service to protect your privacy. [verified]
  • Elude – Anonymous email (currently exit scamming – use with caution) [scam]
  • TempMail – Simple temporary email service [verified]
  • TorBox – Hidden mailbox service only accessible from TOR [verified]

Onion Search Engines:

  • Space – The sky is the limit only for those who aren’t afraid to fly [verified]
  • haystak – Quality search engine offering premium services [verified]
  • OurRealm – Search beyond censorship [verified]
  • Sentor – Dark Web Fast and Safe Search Engine [verified]
  • Kraken – Modern search engine [verified]
  • Tor66 – Search and Find .onion websites [verified]
  • DevilSearch – Uncensored search + chat room [offline]
  • TGS – Tornet Global Search – all onion search engines in one [verified]
  • HST – Hidden Services Today, fresh and safe links [verified]
  • – Search archived pages [verified]
  • TorWhois – Whois search engine for the onion network [verified]



  • Stolen Wallets – Buy Stolen BTC Wallets with High Balance [verified]
  • Wasabi – Bitcoin wallet with next-gen privacy protection [verified]
  • Bitcoin Core – Project which maintains and releases the software called “Bitcoin Core”. [verified]
  • Blockchair – Onion mirror of a blockchain explorer with anonymity analytics [verified]
  • Mempool – Mempool and Blockchain explorer for Bitcoin [verified]
  • Monero – Lean how to use the anonymous cryptocurrency XMR [verified]
  • Blockstream – Provider of blockchain technologies [verified]
  • Feather – a free Monero Desktop wallet [verified]
  • Cryptostamps – Buy postage with popular cryptocurrencies [verified]
  • Antialysis – Secure your onchain anonymity [verified]

Privacy and Tools:

  • OnionShare – part of the Tor project, share files on the onion network [verified]
  • SecureDrop – Share and accept documents securely [verified]
  • Tails – Portable OS that protects against surveillance and censorship [verified]
  • WhonixOS – Virtual Machine OS that routes all connections through Tor [verified]
  • QubesOS – Extremely secure OS for individuals with a high threat model [verified]
  • Riseup – Communication tools for people working on liberatory social change [verified]
  • systemli – Provider of privacy friendly communication without surveillance [verified]
  • Impreza – Server Hosting easily accessbile on the Deep Web. [verified]
  • V3Paste – Share private pastes [verified]
  • TorPaste – Secure paste sharing without public listing [verified]
  • BlackCloud – Upload and share your files [verified]
  • Cwtch – Decentralized, privacy-preserving, multi-party messaging protocol [verified]
  • – Another file upload service [verified]
  • Nyx – Tor node monitor for relay hosting [verified]
  • DeepFake Tools AI Text To Speech [verified]

Chat, Forums & Social Networks:

  • Dread – Currently the most active Deep Web Forum with UI and functionality inspired by Reddit. [verified]
  • Facebook – Mirror of the official Facebook site [verified]
  • Adamant – Decentralized messenger [verified]
  • Endchan – The imageboard at the end of the universe [verified]
  • – Russian hacking forum [verified]
  • – Old hacking forum operated by Russians [verified]
  • Breaking Bad – Popular drug forum focused mainly on harm reduction [verified]
  • HackTown – Cyber Criminal University [verified]
  • Raddle – Forum without set topics, mostly oriented on politics [verified]
  • NZ Forums – Darknet Market education and discussion [verified]
  • SuprBay – Tech and Torrent Forum [verified]
  • Sekta Lab – Russian drug forum [verified]
  • WebIRC – Random IRC chat with simple web interface [verified]
  • CryptBB – Advanced Cyber Security and Hacking Forum [verified]
  • Skywalkers – Forum on the Tor network dedicated to building a strong and secure community [verified]
  • Envoy – Old Dark Web discussions forum [verified]
  • Titan – Private, Anonymous & Bulletproof XMPP/Jabber Service [verified]

News and Blogs:

  • CIA – The official CIA Onion site [verified]
  • Flashlight – Info beam in the darkweb [verified]
  • DarkMatter – News and blog about everything dark [verified]
  • ProPublica – Investigative Journalism in the Public Interest [verified]
  • VOA – Voice of America, largest U.S. international broadcaster [verified]
  • NYTimes – Onion mirror of the New York Times site [verified]
  • BBC – Onion mirror of the BBC site [verified]
  • The Guardian – Onion mirror of The Guardian site [verified]
  • bellingcat – investigative collective of researchers, investigators and citizen journalists [verified]
  • RadioFreeEurope – Uncensored News. On Every Platform. Across Frontiers. [verified]
  • Nick Frichette – Software Developer and Security Researcher [verified]
  • Ming Di Leom – Blog on web security and hosting [verified]
  • Tor Times – News about popular onion sites [verified]

Educational Resources:

  • DNM Bible – All you need to know before buying on a dark net market [verified]
  • Psychonaut Wiki – Open wiki documenting psychonautics and harm reduction [verified]
  • XMRGuide – Guide on setting up a Monero wallet on Tails [verified]
  • Just Another Library – Large archive of books for everyone to read [verified]
  • Bible4u – Uncensored bible for Darknet [verified]
  • Z-Library – Biggest archive of educational literature [verified]
  • CBL – Comic Book Library [verified]
  • TSSA – The Secret Story Archive [verified]

Hosting and Domains:

  • Njalla – Anonymous server hosting and domain provider, created by the founders of Pirate Bay [verified]
  • Freedom Hosting – Free anonymous hosting [verified]
  • Ablative – Hosting that fights takedown requests (registrations currently paused) [verified]
  • OnionLand – The Best Deep Web Hosting [verified]
  • Privex – Privacy Oriented Dedicated & Virtual Servers. [verified]


  • cryptostorm – The VPN service provider for the truly paranoid [verified]
  • Njalla VPN – Protect your online identity. From anywhere, everyone and on any device [verified]
  • AirVPN – operated by activists in defense of net neutrality, privacy and against censorship [verified]
  • Mullvad – Free the internet from mass surveillance [verified]

Non-English Websites:

  • Cebulka – Largest Polish .onion community [verified]
  • DimensionX – Another Polish Darkweb Forum [verified]
  • XMundo – Turkish Dark Web Forum [verified]
  • Germania – German Dark Web Forum [verified]
  • Bibliothèque – French Darknet book library [verified]
  • Türkçe İndex – Turkish index of Deep Web sites [verified]

Hidden Wiki:

This website serves only as an educational resource on the contents of the deep web. We do not support any illegal activity.

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